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Roleplaying SectionEdit

The RP section as acronymed, contains roleplays, and roleplay guides. OOCs and ICs for each roleplay.

A roleplay generally consists of an OOC and an IC.

Notable Roleplays/Guides and RoleplayersEdit

On quality roleplaying, a guide to realistic roleplaying, OsakaSun's dead Guide to Grammar in guides.

Roleplayers include Mihndar, Veoline, aweirdgamer, Osakasun, Murtagh, and many more I can't remember the names of.

Roleplays include civilization roleplay series, Life After the Grox, many OsakaSun roleplays, and more.

Infamous roleplays include the Sqweedo's series, Sporesville (Dead thank goodness), and many more illiterate roleplays.

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